Alaskan Tigers Box Sets Volume One

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The future of the Alaskan Tigers is in the hands of one woman in Tiger Time. Tabitha Leigh is unaware of her path, and Ty Reynolds, Alpha of the Alaskan Tigers, must convince her of the truth. If he fails, Ty will not only lose his soul mate, but the Tigers will lose their chance for salvation.

Raja Harrison, Lieutenant of the Alaskan Tigers, feels his job is much too dangerous to involve a mate in The Tiger’s Heart. But when he rescues Bethany Thompson from kidnappers and a rogue shifter, Raja discovers she is his mate, and he must put aside his fears to protect his future—and the future of the Alaskan Tigers.

Kallie has been in hiding for a long time, running from her past. In Tigress for Two, she finds comfort with Taber, a member of the Kodiak bears. Though Taber has met his mate, he’s surprised to discover she’s a tiger. And when his brother Thorben offers to help, they discover Kallie is not just Taber’s mate, but also Thorben’s. Will they overcome their differences to find love?

A rogue shifter murders Robin Zimmer’s husband, sending her running in Night with a Tiger. When she meets Adam Merks, she must decide whether she can trust him, and in doing so accept mating with a tiger and living in a shifter clan. Will it be more than she can handle?

Harmony Kirk discovers she is destined to be mated to Felix Grady, the twin brother of the very man who’d tortured and abused her for years in Trusting a Tiger. Will she be able to let go of the past and accept Felix into her future?

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Alaskan Tigers Box Sets Volume Two

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While hunting down a sadistic Alpha, Jinx meets Summer, an abuse victim with deep emotional scars. With a little girl depending on her for survival, Summer must join Jinx as he works with the Alaskan Tigers in Jinx’s Mate.

Tad Brown of the Kodiak Bears fights to protect his destined mate, Courtney, despite his mistakes in Two for Protection. Meanwhile, Milo is uncertain he can handle his new role as a leader among the Alaskan Tigers. While Courtney’s life is in danger because of the horrors she has witnessed, Tad and Milo must join forces to protect her.

Turi and Trey Brown will soon find a mate, and if family history has anything to say about it, the brothers will have to share one woman in Bearing Secrets. When Ivy Carter’s life crumbles around her, destiny steps in to take over. Will all three find what they are looking for, or will their secrets destroy them?

Styx is a skilled assassin seeking a woman whose support of the Alaskan Tigers could kill her in Tiger Tracks. When Mira discovers Styx is her mate, both are uncertain his past is something they can build a future on. Can Mira look beyond what he’s done and find the love between them, or will they both lose their chance?

When the former Alpha of the Connecticut Tigers is killed, David must find a way to unite those who are left as the new Alpha in Healing the Clan. Some want answers, others want revenge, and in the midst of it all Victoria returns home after many years of hiding. Can she and David work together to repair the clan, or is it too late to heal the wounds of the past?