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David is left to pick up the pieces of the Connecticut Tigers and protect what remains of the clan as their many enemies descend upon them. Now that he is Alpha, most of the clan is looking to him for answers. At the same time, others want him to seek revenge on the one they blame for the fall of their clan and the death of their loved ones. He must find a balance between justice and protecting what is left of his family.

Victoria escaped the Connecticut Tigers clan years ago to seek out her own path, or at least that’s what she wanted everyone to believe. In truth, she couldn’t deal with the former Alpha’s demands any longer. Now that he’s dead, she must make the journey home. It is time for the truth to come to light and for those who survived to live again.

The clan has been suppressed for so long, its members have forgotten how to live without someone controlling every aspect of their lives. The clan will face many challenges ahead, but those may not be the ones they expected.

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